This page has our females used for breeding.  Our girls are bred every other cycle.  Only one litter a year on these girls.  All the females on this page are six years or younger. 

Sweet Pea. 'Sweeters' is my baby.  She loves to be held like a baby.... loves belly rubs.  She's a cream/sable 

Strawberry Blonde Mator. 'Mae Mae' is our strawberry blonde or orange cream.  She's Stevie's baby.  A pure joy.... lap puppy. 

Diamond Black Jewel Girl. 'Diamond' is our our wonderfully sweet little black female.  She just recently had pups on 1-18-09 

Tiny Jazzabelle. 'Tiny' is a champagne sable.  She has a beautiful gold tone to her coat..... and loves to be center of attention.  She's the mother or our Tedd E. Bear. 

Goldie Red Flower.  'Goldie' is my beautiful red with sable coat.  She's a mommy's girl.  She's the most timid of the dogs that belonged to Aunt Inez. 

Robert's Black Magic. 'Black Magic' is a wonderful bigger girl.  She's only 6 but a very large girl. She's 12 to 13 lbs.  We may breed her to a smaller male.... She has chocolate in her background.

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