This page is to show the puppies we are keeping and our Pomeranians that are fixed or retired.

Our Puppies 

Zero is our little cream male.  Diamond is his mother.

 He is named Zero after Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tedd E. Bear.  Teddy is our dear little boy.... our pup from our 1st litter. We couldn't part with him.  He's an orange sable.... I believe....

I'm still learning the colors. 

Saint is our parti pom.  He's a big boy.... only 10 months old.

He may forever be just a loving pet as his mother had a heart murmur.... He's an onery and argumentative boy... 

Our Lovable Pets 

Hop Around Ashley. Hoppy is our oldest.  She will be 10 years old in April.  She doesn't know that though and acts like a youngster still... She can't sit still no matter what.... she's constantly moving her feet and all. Isn't she beautiful?? 

Boo Baubles.  Ms Boo is 8.  She'll be 9 this year.  She's a wonderful old woman.  Very loving.... loves a lap.  She mourned over Aunt Nez the most... she'd cry way into the night. 

Oreo Cookies Girl.  Oreo or Reo as she answers to.... is our 8 year old.  Self appointed nanny to all the puppies including our boxer/heeler pups. Center stage when I have my camera out.... she's a ham. 

White Eyes. Whitey is one of our neutered males.  He's anemic.  But just a pure love and joy to have.  Not very fond of kids 

Ace of Spades in the Hole. Ace is our mouthy little guy.  He's also neutered.  He's our loner but doesn't hesitate to let us know his feelings. 

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